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In automation, S.A.I. Schweiger focuses on the programming of industrial robots and PLC controls, as well as on the complete implementation of fully automated robot loading cells for production machines and automated production plants.

A decisive feature here is our efficient, maintenance-friendly and very structured software, which represents an extremely important basis for sustainable success.



experience in software development

S.A.I. Schweiger is your specialist for embedded systems in the field of automation, automotive and IoT. We provide you with the complete development of hardware, firmware and API for your control system.

Another area is the modular development of your software projects for various domains such as server applications, warehousing software and High Performance Computing (HPC). Here we have a great deal of expertise and offer software development in object-oriented languages such as Java, C#, Python, C++ or in the procedural programming language C.


small enough to
achieve big things

How efficient a company is does not always depend on its size. Rather it depends on the qualification of the employees and the abilities of the management. Our high professional competence and passion for technology distinguish us. As a company with 6 permanent employees, we can react quickly and flexibly – to technical progress, to changing market conditions and to the wishes of our customers.

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