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In automation, we at S.A.I. Schweiger have a clear vision: Automation must be simple, for everyone.
That is why we offer our customers innovative standardized solutions in the field of CNC-automation as well as a wide variety of custom solutions for specific individual cases, which can be easily handled by any employee, even those without programming knowledge.


As a service provider in programming S.A.I. Schweiger is specialized in industrial robots and PLC controls.
Here, a decisive feature of our work is the development of efficient, maintenance-friendly and highly structured software. In this way, we ensure significant process optimization for our customers and, thanks to high quality standards, a considerable reduction in downtime.


With our team, which consists of experts from various fields, we bring to each project broad technical expertise as well as many years of experience in the areas of software development and mechanical engineering.
We are characterized by our passion for technology and enthusiasm for innovative approaches. It is precisely with this passion that we approach every project for our customers and accompany them on their way to Industry 4.0.

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Group Leader, Sonplas GmbH

"The flexible, as well as long-term planning of resources is possible pleasantly uncomplicated with the company S.A.I. Schweiger. The employee also quickly familiarized himself with new work areas such as hardware-related machine commissioning. The employee's good team skills led to a quick integration into his own project group, which is the basis for an efficient cooperation. As a manufacturer of special machines, we also like to work with locally based companies whenever possible. The company S.A.I. Schweiger fulfills all these requirements and therefore further common projects are already concretely in the planning."

Andreas Schweiger
Managing Director, S.A.I. Schweiger GmbH

"What is the right formula for private and professional success? In my opinion, first and foremost, one's own inner attitude and the way one looks at things is an important prerequisite for being balanced, happy and satisfied in life. Only in this way you can cope with the tasks of life and achieve something great privately as well as professionally in combination with ambition, the certain passion as well as openness and honesty towards your fellow men."

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