Production on a new level – 3D printing at S.A.I. Schweiger

04 June 2019 – “The purchase of a 3D printer enables us to implement innovative ideas even faster and easier than before and to show our customers detailed test setups and prototypes for pre-commissioning”.
-Reinhard Schweiger

Our vision:
With the purchase of a Prusa i3 MK3, the work processes at S.A.I. Schweiger GmbH are simplified in many areas. At S.A.I. Schweiger, the Prusa i3 MK3s should enable simple and cost-reduced production of prototypes (rapid prototyping), individual parts and small series. For example, the prototype production of gripper jaws can be made much faster, easier and more cost-efficient than with conventional production methods such as milling or turning.

Our vision is to produce prototypes in plant engineering and construction quickly and cost-effectively in order to be able to carry out the commissioning of industrial plants as far as possible in detail in advance. This way, errors in the conception and design are detected much earlier and can be eliminated at low cost.

First own products: