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Smart Loader MILL 1100

The Smart Loader MILL 1100 is the smart loading system for small batch sizes, enabling automated loading of milling machines from batch sizes of 5 pieces. You ask yourself how this is feasible?

On the one hand with the sophisticated design of the loader and on the other hand with the structured and high quality software behind the system, see for yourself:

Job preparation

By automating a large part of the pre-settings via our software, we simplify the setup effort for you. In just 3 short steps, you can set up the system and start the fully automated production process.


approx. 2 min.


Insert pallet with blanks


the Smart Loader MILL 1100 automatically detects the blank size and position


approx. 3 min.


Automatic adjustment of the gripper to the blank dimensions
Automatic detection of the blank heights during gripping
Automatic recognition of the blank/finished part position in the milling machine
Automatic removal from and placement of unfinished and finished parts on the pallet → without teaching!


approx. 1 min.


Give start command and observe first cycle


Robot automatically grips the blank and loads the vice in the milling machine, after the milling process the finished part is automatically removed and placed in the pallet

Data Analysis Cloud

With the Data Analysis Cloud you always have an overview of the processes in your production, even from home.

Your advantage

The Data Analysis Cloud evaluates your production data and presents it to you clearly. For example, you can view your plant status, your production times, your cycle times, your produced number of pieces per shift and per batch as well as your process parameters (e.g. power and air consumption). In the event of a machine standstill, you will be notified immediately. This gives you 24/7 control over your production, even if you are producing in lights-out production.

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