Robotics and
PLC programming

S.A.I. Schweiger develops efficient, easy-maintenance and highly structured software for robot controllers and PLCs in the field of industrial automation.

Being independent of known controller brands in robotics and control systems, we can offer you a broad and deep range of services.

our software architectures

very structured and sustainable

modular programming

flexible expandability as well as

increased reusability are warranted

application of softwaretests

for the avoidance of software errors and

to significantly increase the software quality

We support you in the following areas

  • programming and commissioning of your systems and applications
  • development of standard architectures and interfaces
  • system and cycle time analyses
  • upport of your design for the correct integration of the robots into the mechanics
  • trainings in the field of robot and PLC-programming in our S.A.I. training room

Application areas and technologies

  • parts handling, sorting, palletizing, stacking and system assembly
  • fully automated assembly process
  • welding and bonding applications
  • measuring and testing processes


S.A.I. Schweiger offers a modular and highly flexible machine software for your systems on the Beckhoff TwinCat 3 controller based on a specially developed software framework.
On the basis of a basic software platform, machine software tailored to your system can be created and applied from a high quality and standardized portfolio of technology packages.

Modules are available for:

  • controlling (e.g.: cylinders and motors)
  • switching and query sensors
  • integration of robots, camera systems and station modules

All necessary interfaces for the selected modules are included in the scope of supply.

Your advantages:

  • flexibly expandable software platform
  • no trouble shooting
  • high quality standards
  • minimization of downtimes
control and robot systems