Reference project

A sensor built into cars to convert two physical quantities was mounted by one of our customers using an automated process and checked for functionality. The sensor converts the physical quantities into analogue signals and outputs them on one channel with a time delay, making the evaluation of the analogue signal in real time and in synchrony with the sensor necessary. As the customer preferred an external measuring unit for the processing, we were commissioned with the entire development and implementation and supplied the module in small-series production.

Extent of the contract:

  • Hardware development
  • Development of the firmware for the evaluation unit
  • Assembly and launch of the prototypes
  • Insertion and launch of the serial modules in industrially-suited housings

Extent of functions of the measurement unit:


  • Cyclical readout of the sensor signal
  • Synchronisation to the synchronisation edge of the sensor
  • Assignment of the measurement values to the physical quantity in question
  • Statistical evaluation of the measurement values (formation of the arithmetic mean, determination of maxima and minima)
  • Serial communication to customer specifications for evaluation in higher-level controls


  • Provision of the voltage supply to the internal microcontroller and the sensor
  • Connection sockets for primary and secondary sensors
  • Connection boxes for uplink to sensor monitoring with external measurement devices
  • Serial RS232 interface
  • Design completely protected against short circuit, polarity reversal and ESD

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