loading cells

We automate your processes!
In the field of automated robot loading, we have deep sectoral knowledge and will supply the best solution for your application. Here, the correct selection and integration of the robot and station components play an important role in achieving the best possible results

from the interplay of hardware with our modular and structured software. With our solutions, you can increase your productivity through the manufacture of greater quantities at high quality thresholds. In this way, you can stay competitive and produce at economically viable prices.

Conception – Construction
Development – Assembly
Integration - Service


  • Loading and unloading of production and special machines
  • Handling tasks such as palletizing, stacking and sorting
  • Reading operations of for instance DMC- and QR-Codes
  • Integration of measuring and alignment stations
  • Integration of cleaning processes
  • Handling of master parts

Supply of parts

  • drawer systems
  • conveyor belts
  • pallets
  • lattice boxes

Robot loading cell for a CNC controlled engraving machine

  • fully automated parts storage system
  • feeding and dispensing of parts in storage chutes by drawer system
  • camera seperation with automated part return
  • fully automated tool changing system

control and robot systems